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Our Story

Growing Hope in a World of Uncertainty

In a world saturated with bad news, I found myself feeling increasingly helpless. War, famine, and climate change loomed large, leaving me overwhelmed and despondent. But amidst the darkness, a seed of hope began to sprout.

Inspired by a simple vase, I envisioned a project that would nurture positivity and growth. This "word vase" wouldn't hold flowers, but something more powerful: words of hope, encouragement, and resilience.

The idea resonated deeply. Words have the power to uplift, inspire, and connect us, reminding us of our shared humanity and the strength that lies within each of us. Just as a vase nourishes a plant, the word vase would nourish our spirits with optimism and the belief in a better tomorrow.

This wasn't just about planting seeds of hope; it was about cultivating a garden of resilience. A space where we could nurture our collective spirit, grow together, and face the challenges of the world with renewed strength.

It's important to "grow" pun intended. - Abe



To cultivate a world where every home is adorned with the vibrant beauty of plants, nurtured by elegant and sustainable vases that complement their natural splendor.

This vision statement encapsulates my passion for creating a harmonious connection between plants and their living spaces, through the medium of aesthetically pleasing and eco-conscious vases. It envisions a world where plants are not just decorative elements but integral parts of our homes, enhancing our well-being and fostering a sense of tranquility. The use of the word "cultivate" emphasizes the active role we play in bringing this vision to life, while "vibrant beauty" highlights the transformative impact plants have on our surroundings. The phrase "elegant and sustainable vases" underscores our commitment to designing vases that not only complement the beauty of plants but also align with our environmental responsibility.

I believe our vision statement will inspire my team to create innovative and sustainable vase designs, attract plant enthusiasts who share our passion for greenery, and establish our company as a leading provider of plant-enhancing décor. It will also guide our marketing efforts and help us connect with customers who value the transformative power of plants in their homes.


Plant "Hope" ​

 Hope inspires us to do truly great things, plant hope   in your office or home, or share with a friend in need. Wherever you go plant hope. 

 Inspire love and hope, and watch the world bloom 

 Plant "Love" 

 Love is full of flowers. Love makes flowers bloom. Grow love, and plant love anywhere you go. 

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